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June 19, 2008

Huffington Post moves to Chicago

Apparently the Huffington Post will launch a Chicago edition according to its founder Arianna Huffington.

Initially, the site will launch an edited news aggregation site (similar to the main Huffington Post web site) localized for the US metro area around Chicago, Illinois. The site will be managed by a single editor to start. "We are aspiring to be a newspaper in that we want to covering all news [sic], not just the political blogging the way we began," Huffington said to the conference attendees.

Political affiliations aside, I have a hard time seeing how a one-man operation, as she hopes to start with, will compete with the local content already generated by two newspapers and by original reporting sites like The Windy Citizen and Gapers Block.

She isn't going to be able to get a person who will be able to go out and cover issues that are being addressed there and by the local blogs already.

I understand the need to be hyper-local in this new media world, but she really seems to be reaching if she intends to start with only one person in the newsroom.

If this was really a good pilot, she might want to think about what a normal staff in a city the size of Chicago would look like and put them on the ground. That might generate some real competition as opposed to one person who will just be linking as it looks right now.

That said, I am available for the opening.

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Posted by bmiraski at June 19, 2008 6:23 PM