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June 23, 2008

"Man on the street is a waste of time"

"Readers know it is too."

Those are comments from Kent Fischer of the Dallas Morning News, an education reporter who was consistently asked by his editors to provide color quotes from parents and interested parties for his daily stories.

However, with blogging, he has been able to outsource the quote gathering to the interested people who comment on his blog.

This is the essence of beat blogging, a trend which defines what makes some of the best blogs out there. Obviously this blog is a little bit of everything and therefore doesn't qualify in that arena. However, if you look at the highly focused blogs, what do they all have in common?

1. A theme strictly held to
2. Solid reporting

That is how you develop readership, that is how you develop a following.

That is what newspapers should be thinking about as they package content for the web, not just repeating what they print in the daily edition. Why not post it all as blogs and then print the daily with the best comments?

It seems that is the way that the Orlando Sentinel is trying to go with its redesign that I have written and linked to articles on. However, there is also the thought that they have tried to make the daily too much like the web instead of working the other way around.

I will be interested to see how BeatBlogging, the website that spawned those quotes takes off and follow its progress. It could be the future of journalism, something I probably need to keep my eye on if I want a job when I graduate.

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Posted by bmiraski at June 23, 2008 9:20 PM