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June 11, 2008

The Long Goodbye

41Z4TMH4P6L__SL500_.jpgI just recently finished The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler.

It was the One Book, One Chicago selection for spring. I only finished about a month late to attend any of the events. I can thank school for that.

Depsite that, Philip Marlowe and I are now friends.

I never thought I would like a different detective that Burke, the man with one name created by Andrew Vachss. Yet, Chandler made me do just that.

Perhaps it is that there is so much of Marlowe in Burke. Add in that Chandler's stories have a much smoother flow than the Burke novels. While Burke sometimes seems to jump to conclusions that aren't totally logical, Marlowe slowly thought things out.

He made calls, he read documents. He did what a detecitve does.

Now, Marlowe doesn't share everything as the book goes along. He waits for the "big reveal" for the really juicy bits. But nothing in the big reveal seems to come out of nowhere.

Plus Marlowe is a true lone wolf. While Burke has his posse, Marlowe worked alone, never really a friend to anyone.

So what is The Long Goodbye about? Marlowe gets involved with Terry Lennox who ends up dead in Mexico, the victim of a "suicide" while trying to flee a murder that Marlowe think Lennox may not have committed.

Marlowe gets involved in the world of the rich and powerful in L.A. while constantly being warned off looking into Lennox's death. The book is full of gritty twists and turns while pulling you into the underbelly of the glamourous side of society.

This would definitely go on my must read list for anyone.

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