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June 5, 2008

Why Bloggers, including this one, suck

Another reason why I have grown to like the non-fundamentally based blogging world a little more. Everyday Should Be Saturday used to be a good read.

Now it is a little over the top and comments like this from their own writers:

“Where’s the journalistic integrity?” Reilly asked. “He has my email — why didn’t he try to verify it?” Indeed, the blonde that “looked like a stripper” accompanied Reilly to the party Friday night, and he confirmed that she’s his live-in girlfriend.

We’re not journalists, for one. We’re bloggers, and as usual, we’ll have to tell you the definition of blogger by telling you that there is no definition.

While the full post ends with a somewhat excellent olive branch, I disagree with the premise that bloggers should do anything differently than journalists would. This is especially true considering that most people read blogs while as we know, paper circulation of newspapers and some magazines have gone down.

People need to start picking up the phone and making calls to verify some of the rumors, not just take them at face value and run with it.

Plus, I have a hard time believing that there was no one that knew how to get in touch with Rick Reilly.

Maybe they should have tried calling Sports Illustrated and seeing if they had someone in the media department who might be kind enough to let them have some content information.

It isn't that hard, and I think if you mentioned you were going to post some not nice info about Reilly and then said you would like his side of it, they would be more than helpful.


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Posted by bmiraski at June 5, 2008 12:33 PM