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August 13, 2008

Kindle is here

I now have had the Kindle for about a week. It is a wondrous toy.

I am able to read the paper on the train to the newsroom for the first time. Spreading out the Wall Street Journal before this has been a little cumbersome.

I am able to carry what amounts to about 25 books with me currently, although I am only reading about two.

I am also able to see previews of a number of books that are on my Wishlist at Amazon, especially some that i haven't been able to see at a real store.

Now if only I can get all of the books that I want to read onto the Kindle. I have been clicking on the new Amazon links that tell the publisher to put their book in Kindle format.

Bring on more books.

Three more weeks until my vacation. I fully expect to see my usage of the device go through the roof.

Posted by bmiraski at 7:04 PM

August 5, 2008

It's coming

After months and months of debate and a number of almost clicks, I finally broke down last night and bought a Kindle.

I got to play with one a few weeks ago and that sealed the decision-making process. It is probably surprising that it took me another week and a half before actually doing it.

I will be very excited to get out from under the mounds and mounds of newspapers and book and into the technological reading world, along with the rumored 240,000 other people who have bought the device.

Go me.

More updates as they happen.

Posted by bmiraski at 9:22 AM