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May 13, 2010


This is only a test

Posted by bmiraski at 3:35 PM

April 16, 2009

Northwestern Examiner: Wildcats win one at the Cell

There haven’t been many highlights for Northwestern’s baseball team this season, but Wednesday night could make up for a lot of the disappointment.

The Wildcats (9-23) defeated Notre Dame (20-13) at U.S. Cellular Field 5-1, behind Eric Jokisch’s strong arm and clutch hitting.

“I can't tell you how proud I am of this team," NU head coach Paul Stevens told reporters following the win. "They've battled all year and have faced a lot of adversity. Today that persistence paid off.”

Unfortunately, it was difficult to see. Despite playing at the major league park, the game was not picked as a featured contest for the Big Ten Network. That’s probably because the network felt Northwestern would be overmatched by the hard hitting Irish.

Not to fear though. The Northwestern News Network chose to cover the game live on their Web site, streaming the feed over the internet.

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Posted by bmiraski at 11:40 AM

April 6, 2009

MRISports: Projecting the Tournament: Finals Edition

For as poorly as the MRI did at predicting the NIT, it did amazingly well at predicting the NCAA tournament so far.

With one game to go (that the computer cannot win), the MRI was at the 73rd percentile at ESPN, having been helped by a number of upsets along the way. The computer needed the help because it landed just one of its Final Four teams predicted prior to the tournament beginning.

Its solid standing is better than a number of the personalities who get paid the big bucks to spout on about sports on a daily basis at ESPN. The computer is ahead of everyone at PTI, a solid three-quarters of Around the Horn, and is hanging in there against the Editorial staff.

Not bad.

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Posted by bmiraski at 3:20 PM

April 3, 2009

Man Books

Another recent Medill grad just went to work for Playboy magazine, which sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. But this was her dream job, even if she is starting with working on the Web site and not directly on the printed edition at this point.

The other day, she invited all of her contacts to visit the latest revamp of and comment on at least one article.

Other than the pictures of scantily clad women dominating the site, the article that stuck out for me was in the Entertainment section.

The Top 20 Books Every Man Should Read

Of the 20 books listed, I have read three and a half of them: Hamlet, Hell's Angels, The Long Goodbye, and who hasn't read Metamorphosis, the lead story of the Kafka collection.

Of those that I have read, I would agree that they meet the criteria that Playboy sets forth:

There are plenty of guy reads about war, sex and sports, but only a handful that transcend those topics. These are books that help a man discover and define his own masculinity.

Of those I have read, none meets the criteria better than Hell's Angels, a look inside the infamous biker gang based on Hunter S. Thompson's real life experience. Thompson went the distance, even getting beaten to within an inch of his life to get his story. It was a book I found after reading about his experience in another book detailing the New Journalism movement that Thompson was a part of.

The Playboy list does invite some scrutiny. What's a list of "greats" without some problems.

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Posted by bmiraski at 3:41 PM

Penn State: The Improbable NIT winner

Penn State finished off Baylor last night 69-65 to take the NIT title. While some may mock the winner of this secondary tournament -- calling then No. 66 even though this title brings with it more prestige than dropping a first round NCAA game in an upset -- the NIT has been a stepping stone for many teams moving into the next season.

I wrote about this at Examiner, but here is a list of the teams that have turned recent NIT success into NCAA tournament glory the next season:

Ohio State turned last year’s championship into a No. 8 seed in this year’s NCAA tournament.

West Virginia, the 2007 champion, reached the Sweet Sixteen in 2008. The runner-up, Clemson, was No. 5 seed but ran into a hot Villanova team.

Two-time defending champ South Carolina started the 2007 season 10-3 before getting rolled by a hot SEC conference that ultimately produced NCAA champ Florida.

Ok, so Ohio State's tournament run didn't end with fireworks and parades, but they made the field. That should give Penn State a lot of hope going into next year, even with the loss of Jamelle Cornley.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Penn State's run to the title is how improbable the whole thing was.

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Posted by bmiraski at 3:16 PM


Sure, I have been neglecting this blog. Seems like that is always the way these things happen. It wasn't like I was tracking traffic here, and it is doubtful there was much. I am not exactly streaming video of puppies.

But rest assured that will all be changing. My brain will be back with a vengeance.

Posted by bmiraski at 3:14 PM

February 11, 2009

Northwestern Examiner: An early look at the 2009 football schedule

Adam Rittenberg of ESPN has posted a first look at the Northwestern Wildcats’ football schedule for next year, a slate of games that should have Northwestern looking at another bowl appearance.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that a 9-4 record may not be within reach according to Rittenberg.

Non-conference: Miami (Ohio), Towson, Syracuse, Eastern Michigan

“All four teams had losing records in 2008, and all four welcome new coaches for this fall. Northwestern will be favored in every game and has a good chance of running the table for the second straight season after failing to do so from 1964-2007.”

I would agree with Rittenberg on his analysis, but with new coaches are taking the helm at these schools, sometimes that has the effect of gelling a team that was just a little bit away from getting it together.

Now, none of these teams were that close.

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Posted by bmiraski at 11:15 AM

November 18, 2008

Space Junk

Seems that the astronauts outside the Space Station had a little trouble with their tools.

Grease leakage, and then floating tool bags.

Good to know that the tool bag shouldn't cause any issues... until its orbit degrades...

Could the tools survive the burn on re-entry?

Posted by bmiraski at 6:49 PM